How to always be on time with your software project

How to always be on time with your software projectSome days ago I read the #NoEstimates Book from Vasco Duarte. I liked the techniques and ideas described in this book that helped me to explore the #NoEstimates topic in a very practical way. I want to give you a short summary on why the classic estimation culture in the software industry has to change and why #NoEstimates will change the way how you drive your business today – Learn how to predict the release date of your project without estimating!

What´s inside the book?

Nearly every Software company does it – Estimating their projects. When I tell you that “not estimating” is a much better option you might think the #NoEstimates Movement is a crazy trend.
Actually it isn’t! The author tries to give you a different way to look at your organization and your projects!

In this book Vasco will tell you a story about a very experienced project manager who is confronted with a very difficult project – One would say, an impossible project. Carmen discovers and slowly adopts #NoEstimates which helps her to turn that project around. You will walk through Carmen’s  entire story and learn that the idea that you can’t predict the release date of your project without estimates is bullshit! I read about many concrete approaches that I adopt in the company where I currently work.

Here’s a video where Vasco discuss why trying to get better at estimates is a wasteful effort at best, and actively destructive for you and your company at worse:

The goal, in the end, is not to just drop estimation. The goal is to be better at our jobs!

Why is #NoEstimates so useful?

Do you know that? When you check the schedule and the project is again late. It was supposed to be different this time! #NoEstimates is not just about predicting project release dates without estimates – The core idea of #NoEstimates is that you can, finally, have a method that allows you to navigate your project, and collaborate with stakeholders in a transparent and productive way. Imagine you would be able to predict your release dates of all your projects with an error rate less than 10%. I don’t have to explain what positive impact that would have to your business (also from financial point of view or your reputation).

In this book the author covers methods that allow you and your team to focus on the value the project produces from day 1 – Imagine you could earn money from day 1 with your project!

How you can turn around your projects with #NoEstimates

Good News: You can start today! Read the book and Just do it. You don’t need any specific tools to start – only a spreadsheet program!

Use “Inspect and adapt” as a common practice in the agile world – Nothing new, but still not applied enough. How would you feel if you could say “I have a 100% track record of delivering on time, and most times I will deliver more value than originally expected.”

I am not saying that it is easy but #NoEstimates book helped me to start working on my skills and to learn a lot about reacting on data and think about the value of my projects where I was involved.

In my opinion this book is helpful for several kind of careers – Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers or even software developers!

Already read the book? Let me know how you like it! I would love to discuss this topic in the comments below!

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