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A few time a ago a mentor and friend of mine Vasco Duarte asked me for an interview on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. I wanted to know more about his project. He told me that his idea was to create a community of knowledge that ensures a long-term sustainability of cutting knowledge that helps other Scrum Masters to succeed in their daily work. I loved the idea. And I loved it more to be part of that community. Listen to my interviews about “bad apples”, system thinking, business impacts and how coffee breaks can help to make a difference :-)

I hope with the following Podcast Interviews I could bring some value for you and the community. The following resources should help you to reach the next level as a Scrum Master.

My Interviews on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

# Title
1 How to reveal the system to the system itself
2 Why the success of a good scrum master is measured in business impact
3 Warning about confusing the Project Manager with the Scrum Master role
4 How coffee breaks can make a difference and can help teams grow
5 Describing the types of Bad Apples that can destroy your team

How did you like the Interview? Do you have information to share? I would love to receive feedback and tips from your side! Please drop your opinion below in the comments. Thanks you :-)

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