How to combine Jira with physical boards


In Scrum Teams I used to work always with physical cork boards or whiteboards to visualize the status of a running sprint. Nowadays many companies have distributed teams. Therefore it is quite common to use project management toos like JIRA, Trac or Trello. The first time I was confronted with a distributed team I noticed some interesting details with these tools. In this blog post I want to explain why digital and physical boards do not contradict each other and why it still makes sense to use physical boards.

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Hello and welcome

Oh Yea, yet another agilist who wants to spread his ideas, thoughts and experiences in the agile world!

So in this blog I want to cover mostly agile topics and information about Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking and random thoughts.
My aim is to describe my experiences, failures and successes in my daily work as a Scrum Master in order to help others in their daily live.